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Eris Goddess of Contention and Rivalry by TFfan234
Eris Goddess of Contention and Rivalry
Eris was the Greek Goddess of Contention and Rivalry, and is the daughter of Hera and Zeus

Technically she was also the goddess of Discord and strife but as she was also listed as being the daughter of Nyx and Erebos I am going to assume that their was two Eris' one who is older is the Goddess of Discord and Strife and the younger was the Goddess of Contention and Rivalry and haunted the battlefields was the younger one and daughter of Zeus and Hera. 

Link to Hera:
Link to Greek Queen Goddesses:
Link to Greek God Kings:
Link to Zeus:…

All Credit goes to the Doll-Diving and Azalea’s Dress Up Doll LOTR and Hobbit Scene Maker.
Homonia, Goddess of Concord & Unanimty by TFfan234
Homonia, Goddess of Concord & Unanimty
Homonia was the Greek Goddess of Concord, Unanimty, and oneness of mind. She was the daughter of Sorter and Praxidice.

All Credit goes to the Doll-Diving and Azalea’s Dress Up Doll LOTR and Hobbit Scene Maker


United States
Favorite shows: Anything Transformer, Inuyasha, and more.
Movies I like: How to Train Your Dragon, plus more
Favorite Show Couple: Buffy/Spike (have alot more others)
Favorite Color: Blue
Like the number 10
Like a good bargain at a store.
Like playing with my pets.

Thanks for all the Watches and the Llamas.
Holy moly well now we know what Snow and Charming did to Maleficent, apparently they caused Maleficent to loose the baby she was carrying and from the sound of it it was sacrificed by Snow and Charming to ensure their daughter would be a hero as apparently Emma not only had the capacity to be a force of great good but also a possibility to be a force of great evil. So now is another event that endangers all the people of Storybrooke (of the enchanted kingdom) because of what Snow White (and her family) did, so far because of Snow's mother Eva, Cora turned out like she did resulting in Zalena wanting revenge, and because Snow couldn't keep her mouth shut Regina lost her true love (not to mention Emma's action resulted in her loosing true love #2) causing Regina to be a villian and then Snow and Charming did something to ensure Emma would be a force of good caused Maleficent to loose her baby.

And uhoh I think Rumple may have misinterpreted something that happened between Belle and Will Scarlet since it looks like she kissed him but she may not have, hopefully the matter will be settled and they will reunite.

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