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Henry II and Catherine of France's Kids by TFfan234 Henry II and Catherine of France's Kids by TFfan234
Here are King Henry II Valois of France and Queen Catherine de' Medici's children.

From Left to Right: Francis II, Elizabeth Queen of Spain, Claude Duchess of Lorraine, Charles IX, Margaret Queen of Navarre later France, Henry III, and Hercule Duke of Anjou.

François "Francis" II Valois King of France
Born: January 19, 1544 Château de Fontainebleau
Died: Decemebr 5, 1560
Reigned: July 10, 1559 - Decemebr 5, 1560
He was born 10 years after his parents married. He was married to Mary I Queen of Scotland who he married on April 24 1558. They had no children. He had fragil health and died from an ear infection.
Link to Historical image: [link]

Elizabeth Valois, Queen of Spain
Born: April 2, 1545, Château de Fontainebleau
Died: October 3, 1568
Reigned: June 22, 1559 - October 3, 1568
She was close friends with Mary who grew up in the french court. She was discribed as being shy and timid. She was originally betrothed to Philip's son Carlos but was instead married to Philip II King of Spain who fell in love with her and she was pleased with him. She was close to her to step son and despite his increasing bizare behavior he was always kind to her and was upset when Philip had to imprison his insane son. She once caught smallpox but survived and Philip stayed at her side. She miscarried twin girls in 1564 and had two healthy daughters in 1567 and 1568. She died after miscarring a son in 1568.
Link to Historical images: [link] , [link]

Claude Valois, Duchess of Lorraine
Born: November 12, 1547, Château de Fontainebleau
Died: February 21, 1575
Reigned: January 19, 1559 - February 21, 1575
She suffered from a hunched back and club foot. She was her mother's favorite and she often visited her mother. She married Charles III Lorraine Duke of Lorraine. She had 9 children with 8 living to adult hood, she died after giving birth to her ninth child.
Link to Historical image: [link]

Charles IX Valois King of France
Born: June 27, 1550 Château de Fontainebleau
Died: May 30, 1574
Reigned: Decemebr 5, 1560 - May 30, 1574
He was his parents 5th child. He reigned during the French Wars of Religion. On November 26 1570 he married Elizabeth Habsburg of Austria and had one daughter by her who died in childhood. He had fragil health which worsend and he died from Tuberculosis.
Link to Historical images, 1st at 10 years old then as adult: [link] , [link]

Henry III Valois King of France, former King of Poland
Born: September 19, 1551 Château de Fontainebleau
Died: August 2, 1589
Reigned: May 30, 1574 - August 2, 1589
Reigned Poland: May 16 1573 - May 12 1574
He was his mother's favorite son and she called him chers yeux "Precious Eyes", his brother Charles detested him for both being his mother's favorite and because he had better health then Charles. Unlike his father and brothers he preferred to indulge his tastes for arts and reading. He been involved in talks about him courting Queen Elizabeth I in 1570, he did not like her and called her a "old creature with a sore leg" as he had heard that she limped. He led the royal army in the French Wars of Religion. In 1573 after the of Polish king Sigismund II Agustus Jagiellon without any heirs the polish nobility elected him King. When he returned he had septic facilities constructed at the Louvre and other palaces which he learned about in Poland. On February 13 1575 he married Louise Lorraine (daughter of Nicholas Lorraine, Duke of Mercœur) their marriage remained childless as a miscarriage rendered Louise infertal. During his reign he encouraged the exploration and development of New World territories. He was killed by a young fanatical Dominican friar, Jacques Clément. Upon his death Henry King of Navarre who was the 8th great grandson of Louis IX became King.
Link to Historical images: [link] , [link]

Margaret Valois, Queen of Navarre and later of France
Born: May 14, 1553, Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Died: March 27, 1614
Reigned Navarre: August 18 1572 - 1599
Reigned France: August 2, 1589 - 1599
She was famous for her beauty and sense of style and was a gifted poet and writer, notable for both her own scandalous behavior and for revealing that of others. She married Henry III King of Navarre on August 18 1572 and helped him and several prominant Protestants escape the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre 6 days later. Her marriage to Henry remained childless. She took several lovers, and between 1586 to 1604 she was imprisoned and in 1599 her marriage to Henry was annuled. After her release from imprisonment she reconciled with her former husband and his new wife, she often helped plan events at the court and nurtured the children of Henry IV and Marie. She also became a mentor of the arts and benefactress of the poor.
Link to Historical images: [link] , [link]

Hercule François Valois Duke of Anjou, Alençon, Château-Thierry, Évreux, Berry and Touraine. Count of Dreux, Perche, Meulan, and Mantes
Born: March 18, 1555 Château de Fontainebleau
Died: June 19, 1584
He was 8th of his parents 10 children. He was scarred by smallpox at 8 years old and he changed his name to François or Francis. On Sep 15 1575 he joined the Prince of Conde and his protestant forces which was joined by the King of Navarre's forces which convinced his brother Henry III to sign the very pro-Protestant ‘peace of Monsieur’, or Edict of Beaulieu on 6 May 1576. In 1579 he courted Queen Elizabeth and they became close and she dubbed him her Frog because of a of a frog-shaped earring he gave her, the courting ended in nothing in 1581 and he returned to France. On Feb 10 1582 he was welcomed in the Netherlands by William the Silent Prince of Orange and he was instaled as Duke of Brabant and Count of Flanders although because he was catholic he was not welcomed by the Dutch and Flemish, and the county's of Zeeland and Holland refused to recognize him as their sovereign. He personally lead the attack on Antwerp on 18 January 1583 which he lost and which marked the end of his military career. He fell ill with Malaria and his mother brought him back to Paris were reconcilled with his brother Henry who hugged him and called him Little Monkey. His death made Henry III King of Navarre (who was a hugenot and not Catholic) the heir to the French throne which lead to an escalation in the French Wars of Religion.
Link to Historical image: [link]

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All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.

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