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Isabella of France, Queen of England 1308-1327 by TFfan234 Isabella of France, Queen of England 1308-1327 by TFfan234
Isabella Capet of France

Born: 1295, Paris, France
Died: 22 Aug 1358, Castle Rising, Norfolk, England
Buried: Grey Friars' Church at Newgate, England

Reigned: 25 Jan 1308 20 Jan 1327

Married Edward II Plantagenet, King of England: 25 Jan 1308

She was the daughter of Philip IV Capet King of France and Joan I Queen of Navarre. She was the shalf niece of Margaret. She was the only surviving daughter of Philip and had 3 older brothers all who would become Kings of France.

She had 4 children
1. Edward III, King of England (13 Nov 1312 21 June 1377)
2. John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall (25 Aug 1316 13 Sep 1336)
3. Eleanor, Countess of Guelders (18 Jun 1318 0 25 Apr 1355) married Reginald II Count of Guelders, 2 sons
4. Joan, Queen of Scotland (5 Jul 1321 7 Sep 1362), married David II King of Scotland, no issue

She was known for her diplomatic skills and intelligence, as she had done negotiations with France.

She was described as a beauty at her wedding and was nicknamed Isabella the Fair and was wealthy. During her husbands reign Robert I King of Scotland delt him them many defeats and gained back land taken by Edward I. By 1325 her marriage to Edward had basically ended though they never divorced, she took a lover Roger Mortimer Earl of March and both led a successful rebellion against Edward and deposed him in 1327 and he died. Isabella ruled as regent for her young son but ruled alongside Mortimer until 3 years later Edward III took control and executed him and placed under perminant house arrest. Although she was still given a yearly income of 4000 and lived an expensive lifestyle even while under house arrest.

Her husband may have been romantically involved with a Gascon Knight Piers Gaveston.

She remained very wealthy and had large sums of land after becoming Dowager Queen.

Interesting note her husband had golden hair, unlike the many of the previous Kings who had Red hair. He was the 2nd of 7 kings to not inherit the color.

She is featured in the TV miniseries World Without End

Link to Edward II: [link]
Link to Edward III: [link]

All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.


Credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Game of Thrones Scene Makers.

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