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Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England 1445-1461 by TFfan234 Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England 1445-1461 by TFfan234
Margaret Valois of Anjou

Born: 23 Mar 1430, Pont--Mousson, Lorraine
Died: 25 Aug 1482, Anjou, France
Buried: Angers Cathedral, in Anjou

Reigned England: 23 Apr 1445 4 Mar 1461
30 Oct 1470 11 Apr 1471

Married Henry VI Plantagenet King of England: 23 Apr 1445

She was the daughter of Ren Valois, King of Naples and Isabella Duchess of Lorraine.

Children: 1
1. Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales (13 Oct 1453 4 May 1471) died at the Battle of Tewkesbury, married Anne Neville, no issue

At the time of her marriage to Henry VI he also claimed the Kingdom of France and controlled various parts of northern France. The marriage was only agreed by her uncle Charles VII King of France on the condition he did not have to provide a dowery but would receive the lands of Maine and Anjou from the English.

Her husband was mentally unstable and he had a complete mental breakdown in 1453 after the birth of his son.

During her time as Queen there were calls for reform and in 1455 began the Wars of the Roses which lasted to 1485. In March of 1469 her husband was diposed and Edward IV of the York line of the Plantagenet family came to rule. Her husband was briefly restored to power in Oct 1470 but was desposed again in 1471. She was forced to lead her forces into the battle of Tewkesbury and she was defeated and her son killed and she was imprisoned by orders of Edward IV in the Tower of London and placed into the custody of Alice Chaucer, Duchess of Suffolk until 1475 when she was ransomed to King Louis XI of France. She spent the remainder of her life in France as a poor relation of the King.

Link to Henry VI: [link]

All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.

doryfan1 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
She was a good woman who suffered alot.
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