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The Trastamara's by TFfan234 The Trastamara's by TFfan234
The Trastámara family, rulers of Spain

From Left to Right John/Juan Prince of Asturias, Isabella Queen of Portugal, Isabella I Queen of Castile, Ferdinand II King of Aragon, Joanna of Castile Queen of Spain with her son Charles, Mary Queen of Portugal, and Catherine/Katherine of Aragon Queen of England.

Isabella I Trastámara, Queen of Castile
Born: April 22, 1451
Died: Nov 26, 1504
Reigned: Dec 11, 1574 to Nov 26, 1504
Note: Was the daughter Juan II of Castile and his second wife Isabella of Portugal. Was 2nd cousins with her husband as they shared the same paternal great grandparents. She had 7 children but 5 survived childhood. She married Ferdinand II on Oct 19, 1469. She and Ferdinand made a alliance with Maximilian I Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor that had their daughter Joanna marry his son Philip and his daughter Margaret marry their son Juan/John which was signed January 20, 1495.

Ferdinand II Trastámara, King of Aragon
Born: March 20, 1452
Died: Jan 23, 1562
Reigned: Jan 20, 1479 to Jan 23, 1562
Note: Was the son of Juan II of Aragon and his 2nd wife Juana Enríquez, was the half brother of Eleanor I Queen of Navarre. Was 2nd cousins with his wife as they shared the same paternal great grandparents. He was married twice, his 2nd wife was Germaine of Foix who he married in 1505 and they had 1 son who died hours after being born.

Isabella Trastámara, Co-Queen of Portugal and Princess of Asturias
Born: Oct 2, 1470
Died: Aug 23, 1498
Reigned: Sep 30, 1497 to Aug 23, 1498
Note: Was heiress presumptive after the death of her brother. She was 1st married to Afonso Aviz the heir of Portugal who she married April 18, 1490 but he died July 19, 1491 after falling from his horse, although there was possibility her parents had him killed as he was an excellent rider and his Castilian valet was never seen again after he fell, she had a love match with Afonso. She was persuaded to marry her 2nd husband Manuel I King of Portugal, who was Afonso’s 2nd cousin, they married in October 1497, her brother was traveling to attend the wedding when he caught a sickness and died making her heir to her parent’s throne. She died after giving birth to a son who also later died.

Juan/John Trastámara, Prince of Asturias
Born: June 30, 1478
Died: Oct 4, 1497
Note: He was the beloved son of Isabella and Ferdinand as his birth helped to end the Castilian War of Succession. He apparently was not very healthy, possibly because of the fact his parents where 2nd cousins and that the Spanish and Portuguese rulers often married their cousins. He married Margaret of Austria on April 3, 1497 a full 2 years and 2 months after the alliance was made. He had true love match with Margaret and they spent a lot of time in the marriage bed, they conceived a daughter that would have born in January 1598 but after his death it was possible the stress and heartbreak for Margaret sent her into labor and she delivered early on Dec 8 to a stillborn daughter. He was traveling to attend the 2nd marriage of his elder sister to Manuel I King of Portugal when he caught a illness possibly tuberculosis and died after stopping for a week in the town Salamanca.

Joanna of Castile Trastámara, Queen of Spain
Born: Nov 6, 1479
Died: April 12, 1555
Reigned Castile and Leon: Nov 26, 1504 to April 12, 1555
Reigned Aragon: Jan 23, 1562 to April 12, 1555
Note: She became heir to the thrones of Castile and Aragon after the death of both her older brother and sister and the death of her sister’s son April 19, 1500. She married Philip the Handsome Castile Oct 20, 1496 but unlike her older Sisters 1st marriage and her brothers happy marriages hers was unhappy and she became known as Joanna the Mad whether this was due to her husbands cheating and constant attempts to usurp her rights to her parents thrones or because she had inherited a mental illness like her maternal grandmother. She had 6 children 2 were sons and the famous Charles V. In 1509 She was confined in the Santa Clara convent in Tordesillas, near Valladolid in Castile by her father when she refused to yield the government of Castile to him were she remained in confinment until her father died.

Maria of Aragon Trastámara, Co-Queen of Portugal
Born: June 29, 1482
Died: March 7, 1517
Reigned: Oct 30, 1500 to March 7, 1517
Note: She had a twin sister that was stillborn. After the death of her elder sister Isabella she married Manuel I Aviz-Beja King of Portugal on Oct 30, 1500, she had 10 children 8 survived childhood. Her parents were apparently considering arranging her to marry James IV Stuart King of Scotland as they had arranged their daughter Katherine to marry Arthur Tudor Prince of Wales and the next King of England, with hope with two sisters married to the two rulers who often went to war with each other that they could keep the peace between the two but Arthur’s sister Margaret was arranged to marry James instead.

Catalina/Katherine/Catherine Trastámara, Queen of England
Born: Dec 16, 1485
Died: Jan 7, 1536
Reigned: June 11, 1509 to May 23, 1533
Note: She was said to have red-gold hair. She was betrothed at the age of 3 to marry Arthur Tudor heir the throne of England who she married Nov 14, 1501, it is unknown whether or not she and Arthur consummated the marriage although in all likelihood they did. She and Arthur fell ill possibly from the sweating sickness which Arthur died from on April 2, 1502 but she recovered. She was held practically prisoner in England by her father-in-law Henry VII until he died and his son Henry VIII became King. She married Henry after they received dispensation from the Pope after she claimed to have never consummated the marriage to Arthur. She gave birth to 6 children 1 son living 52 days and a daughter Mary who survived childhood who she believed would one day become Queen of England and wished for her to marry her nephew Charles V so as to unite Spain and England forever. Henry later after several years finally divorced her and married his 2nd wife. She died at the moor castle from what is believed to be cancer.

Note: Isabella I had miscarried a son in 1595. Also the Trastámara’s were said to have hair colors between Reddish-blonde and Auburn and Blue eyes which was due to the Trastámara’s being descended from Peter I of Castile who had very light blonde hair and blue eyes. And they were descendants of the Plantagenet royal family of England which had members with red or blonde hair.

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All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.
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HewyToonmore Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
I thought Catherine Aragon had the face of a horse. (meaning ugly)
AngelicaRose24 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Catherine said over and over that her marriage to Arthur was never consumated and with her being as religious as she was, I dont think she wouldv lied. I think its rediculous to ASSUME she had actually consumated the marriage. A woman as religious as her wouldnt lie because it is a sin. When someone is THAT religious, they wouldnt commit a sin no matter how pathetic. Its unfair for her no matter how long shes been gone to say that
M-30wind Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Student Photographer
Nice, but they probabily use more dark colours in their clothers and the translate of Catherine is Catalina, not Catilina ^^
TFfan234 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Thanks I didn't notice I missplelled Catalina.
luizalaloca Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Juana of Castile was not co-queen, she was the queen by right of blood and usurped his position. First her husband and his flemish nobles tried, but he soon died. After his father and finally his son, Carlos.

Very good fan art, but the hoods were displaced at the time and the historical context.
hnl Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Joanna of Castile Queen of Spain.....^^ you forgot
TFfan234 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
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