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Edward II King of England 1307-1327 by TFfan234 Edward II King of England 1307-1327 by TFfan234
Edward II Plantagenet King of England, Duke of Aquitaine, Lord of Ireland.

Born: 25 April 1284, Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales
Died: 21 Sep 1327, Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England
Buried: Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire, England

Reigned England: 7 July 1307 - 21 Sep 1327
Reigned Aquitaine: 7 July 1307 - 21 Sep 1327
Reigned as Prince of Wales: 1301 - 21 Sep 1327

Married Isabella of France: 25 Jan 1308

Son of Edward I Plantagenet King of England and Eleanor Burgundy of Castile

Married Isabella of France: 25 Jan 1308
Children: 4
1. Edward III, King of England (13 Nov 1312 – 21 June 1377)
2. John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall (25 Aug 1316 – 13 Sep 1336)
3. Eleanor, Countess of Guelders (18 Jun 1318 0 25 Apr 1355) married Reginald II Count of Guelders, 2 sons
4. Joan, Queen of Scotland (5 Jul 1321 – 7 Sep 1362), married David II King of Scotland, no issue

Children by Mistresses: 1
1. Adam Fitzroy (? – 18 Sep 1322), accompanied his father on his Scottish campaigns in 1322.

His reign was considered the most disastrous marked by alleged incompetence, political squabbling and military defeats.

He was the first english prince to hold the title Prince of Wales. He became heir after the death of his older brother Alphonso and was trained by his father in warfare and statecraft but he prefered boating and craftwork.

He had tried to bestow a title reserved for nobility on his friend Piers Gaveston, a Gascon knight who he had a strong attachment to but his father banished him. He could not deny even the most grandiose favours to his male favourites like Piers Gaveston, and Hugh Despenser which led to constant political unrest and his eventual deposition.

In 1312 his favorite Peirs Gaveston was killed by the Earl of Lancaster and his allies declaring he had led the king astray. He was deeply saddened by Piers’ death.

It is believed that he and Piers had a possible romantic relationship which led him to ignoring his wife and humilating her.

In 1314 he was delt a major defeat by the scotish king Robert the Bruce in the Battle of Bannockburn.

In 1320 situations in England were made worse when Edwards new favorite Hugh Despenser demanded that the King give him Gower which had been sold by the Lord de Braose of Gower to his son in law. The King confiscated it and gave it to Hugh angering the other barons. In 1321 the barons took up arms against the Despenser family and the King had to make an agreement and he banished them. But this provided other nobles a chance to take favor of the king and many of the barons responsible for the banishment were killed and the Despenser family and the King the masters of England and the King in 1322 at the York Parliament revoked all previous ordinances designed to limit his power and to prevent any further encroachment upon it.

In 1325 a dispute broke out between Englnad and France for england not paying homage to King Charles IV of France over the territory of Gascony. Edward sent his wife to negotiate peace terms but when it was decided he would pay homage he sent his son and error that brought his and the Dispencer family ruin as that once Isabella had her son declared she would not return until Despenser was removed.

He learned from his wife’s retune that she had formed an alliance with Roger Mortimer and he was betrayed by his son, his half brother Earl of Kent and John de Cromwell and the Earl of Richmond.

In 1326 Isabella and Mortimer invaded England and were aided by many people. In October Hugh Despenser’s father was killed by a mob. On Nov 24 Hugh Despenser was publically exicuted and the King Imprisoned.

On Jan 20 1327 He was told by Parilment that among many things he was guilty of imcompetence, allowing others to govern him in detriment, loosing scotland Ireland and gascony via inaffective governing, imprisoning representatives and leaving the realm withour a government and loosing the faith of the people. This shocked him and he wept and agreed to abdicate the throne to his young son.

On Sep 27 1327 he died at Berkley Castle possibly murdered while under the custody if two subordinates of Mortimer.

Link to father, Edward I: [link]
Link to mother, Eleanor of Castile: [link]
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Link to Edward III: [link]

All credit goes to Doll-Divine and Azalea's Dress Up Doll Tudor Maker.

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